Smart shapes with distinctive detail. Like the woman who wears it. The Rungolee collection is truly one of a kind.

Boldly feminine...

... , effortlessly dashing, and timelessly du jour. The Rungolee woman transcends paradox to define a BOHO style all her own. She savors the rush of flea market discoveries, peruses the boutiques of Milan with off-handed ease. Drawn to the distinct, she is delightfully couture. Everyday see’s a new adventure no matter the cause. She dazzles through small batch finds that envoke a Bohemian inspired story. She enjoys fashion, like life, infused with adventure. Her talent soars in mixing rare finds from fresh travels with time-tested classics. Her wardrobe is her palette; the world, her muse. She envokes a taste of BOHO lifestyle that fits her own desired beat. With an eye for the exceptional and a heart for the beautiful, she is at once stylish, eclectic, and impossibly chic.

From India's dazzle of color and pattern. To the streets and scenes of NY. BOHO inspired haute couture runs in the Rungolee family.

The History

Designer Anjali Kamra’s family has a long history in taste-making fashion. For decades her Aunt Swaran ran a fashion house in Mumbai, creating exquisite gowns and finely-embellished pieces for European and American design shops. Decadent and unique, her designs were coveted by some of India’s most notable film stars.

Today Aunt Swaran devotes her impeccable artistry to Rungolee, overseeing day-to-day operations in the heart of Mumbai, the nation’s fashion capital.

With these direct connections to the finest couture artisans on the Indian subcontinent, Rungolee employs some of the world’s most talented beaders, weavers, stitchers, and designers. Meticulously skilled, our artisans handcraft each garment in fascinating detail.

All in the Details

During festivals and other seasons of celebration, intricate rangoli are painted on courtyard floors and front doors across India. Made of brightly-colored rice powder, sand or flower petals, these personal expressions of art symbolize eternal innovation and invite positive energy and renewal into the home.

Featherweight cotton fabrics. Swift silhouettes. Hand-beaded details. From streamlined capes to sumptuous tanks, our collection is trimmed out in signature Indian inspired styles that suit every occasion.



Anjali grew up among a kaleidoscope of color and culture in Calcutta, India, relishing the brilliant mix of taste, texture and heritage permeating her West Bengal home. Since launching Rungolee in 2007, her designs have set a new standard for global chic couture. Today Anjali travels the world seeking inspiration in every window, gallery and  market she encounters, from the souks of Morocco to Paris’s Champs Éylsées.