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Our Website Launch Party

We celebrated the launch of our new website with an intimate poolside party and Runway Show on my patio Tuesday evening. What a beautiful May evening we had! The flowers were blooming, a light breeze scented the air and our wonderful stylish guests packed the patio, with not a seat to spare!

The frenzy began at 3, as the models arrived to get perfectly coiffed and ready by our friends at Breeze Blow Dry Bar, owned by my good friend and longtime Rungolee client Lindsay Bush.

Scott Smith, our wonderful filmmaker spent the afternoon setting up all his equipment to get the perfect runway shots of the show!

The press pit was full on this beautiful summer day!

Ben Poremba, our talented friend and owner of Elia and Olio, had his staff served up champagne and apps to the guests in his beautiful, artistic way!

Susan Sherman who emceed the show and the B&C team that designed the website helped me with last minute rehearsals with the models, to get the Runway Show perfect while Aunt Swaran watched fondly …

Last minute touches before we hit the runway!

Here are some of our faves from the Runway show!

We opened the show with the gorgeous delicately embroidered Capri blouse (left) styled with Distressed denim shorts and some flirty open-toe pumps… The Nefertiti dress (right), inspired by a vintage necklace from South India with hand-cut silver and gold glass inserts set in silver from my personal collection…so classic in silhouette, with truly special embroidery. This embroidery took 9 months to perfect….

In a whisper-light washed silk print, the Katarina blouse (left) can be worn as shown, or off the shoulder for a sultry summer night… a summer staple worn with white skinny jeans.The Lisette blouse in coral is exquisitely hand embroidered with antique gold bugle beads!

The ivory smocked wool wrap thrown over the jacqueline ruffle dress, is perfect for a summer night! A burst of sunshine closed the Runway Show with the Prado dress, to a standing ovation!

What could be more special than to have Aunt Swaran who flew in specially from India for the event as well as my daughter Veda, who helped style the show by my side, as I came out to at the end of the show!!!

Here is a teaser from the Runway Show! Check back again to see the full video!


Rungolee Spring Teaser_ Vimeo from Scott Smith Photography/DP on Vimeo.