An interpretation—wondrous inspiration—from travels
around the world, each piece has its own story to tell.

Stylish women across the globe have been turning heads with Rungolee wear since its launch in 2007, and tastemakers are taking notice. We’re thrilled to have gotten ink from designer magazines and fashion blogs across the country. From Chicago to West Palm Beach to Beverly Hills, Rungolee is setting a new standard for accessible global chic couture. See what they’re saying about us in the fine publications below.

TOWN&style Magazine Jan 2013

A spread on the Kamra’s newly
renovated home in Ladue.
Contemporary art mixes effortlessly
with vintage Indian fabrics.

STL Business Journal Dec 2012

St. Louis designer Anjali Kamra is
expanding sales of her Rungolee line
beyond trunk shows and private sales,
with the launch of an e-commerce site.


Ladue News Nov 2012

Katie Yeadon talks about the “art of
the trunk show” in an article on Kamra
and her 2012 Holiday line.


Jan Leach Style Blog Nov 2012

Mirror work and fabric manipulation,
are some of the special techniques
used in the Fall and Holiday Rungolee
apparel collection.


STL Post Dispatch Mar 2012

St. Louis designer Anjali Kamra and
her trunks shows are a
regular on the resort circuit.

St. Louis Magazine April 2010

Anjali Kamra brings an eye-catching Indian style to St. Louis.


R Home Sept 2008

The Designer is featured the
year she launched in
Richmond, Virginia.

Virginia Living Aug 2008

Rungolee’s accessories are hand-
picked by Kamra on many of her
voyages overseas. An example of a
necklace seen here in Virginia Living.


R Home Jun 2008

“Richmond’s fashion insiders at home”
includes Designer Anjali Kamra and
one of her classic cotton tunics.

Style Weekly May 2007

One of Anjali Kamra's first press
pieces when she launched her
line in Richmond.