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Preparing for Travel

Narrowing down a packing list for a multi-destination trip can be quite a daunting task! Join me during my summer travels across the Atlantic to explore various locations in India, Morocco, and London. Three very different destinations all pinned with their own history and sense of style. I wanted to share my different looks with you, showcasing pieces purposefully designed for women with a strong consciousness and appreciation for detail. These various looks can be delivered in diverse settings making travel with Rungolee easy and flexible.

London was our premier destination. We remembered to not forget travel essentials such as an umbrella and scarf while journeying through this rainy isle. With looks that were elegant, contemporary, and chic, I paired my Rungolee pieces with my favorite jeans for the perfect way to take on this truly cosmopolitan city.

Marrakech, Morocco is known for its vibrance, luminosity and its colorful souks. Traveling to this North African city, I decided to remain casual and modestly covered while infusing bright bits of color and a bohemian vibe to fit in with the flavor and culture of this enchanting city full of life. Bold embellishments tied in with rich colors and eye popping patterns added layers of depth to what I wore.

India, with its lush allurement and warm temperatures demanded light pieces mixed with casual elements for a feminine, elegant look. Dressing for this location was very simple. I aimed for longer lightweight blouses with vividly printed accessories to add a burst of color! And I always had a wrap or shawl in my purse for restaurants and malls as they were chilly!